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About Us

A Few Word About us

GET Demolition has a wealth of experience, education and knowledge, with several years' experience, we have the requisite skills, knowledge and understanding to efficiently undertake any type of work. GET Demoliotn, provides:

  • Demolition
  • Excavation
  • Trucking
  • Supply of sand and gravel
  • On-Site - Off-Site services
  • Land Clearing

Given our history in the industry, we offer the following key advantages over other competitors in the market.

We have an established and proven history of completing high quality projects within client's budget.

We have provided an overview of our company and our capabilities that will demonstrate to you our ability to manage and deliver on this important program.

Our staff is well placed to provide you with project outcome to programme in a safe manner to the highest quality. We have a long established and proven history of delivering similar projects and provide you with a low risk project partner.

We have the commitment, financial and operational capacity and established and proven management systems to not only meet your needs but to exceed expectations.